Sometimes we feel discouraged, sad, or “down” once in a while; but for some, these kinds of feelings stay for days. If you’re feeling like this for a sustained period, and it has got in the way of living then you might be experiencing depression. Taking a simple Self-Test is the best way to evaluate various aspects of your life at the moment. This test can help you identify signs of depression, and how to go get the help that’s best for you. 

How to test yourself for depression?

There are many websites that offer online depression tests that can help you identify the symptoms and the seriousness or level of your condition. Even though millions suffer from depression, yet many statistics reveal that about 76 percent will not receive the necessary treatment. Some shy away from seeking help because they are too embarrassed to talk about their condition, or are not aware of signs of depression. Unfortunately, depression symptoms won’t go on their own, and without proper diagnoses and treatment, condition of depressed person can worsen. 

Online depression tests can provide quick, simple and secret way to get anonymous response about the symptoms and feeling you are experiencing. Usually, these online quizzes are short and will give you immediate scores so that you can determine the kind of help you need and decide on the best way to get help for you situation. 

There are different types of online depression tests available, ranging from in-dept questionnaires to quick quizzes; however, it’s important to choose the one that offers you accurate results. Therefore, check out the reputation and credentials of the organization to ensure that their test is reliable. For valid results, all such tests must meet the "Standards for Education and Psychological Testing".

Most depression self-tests include such quizzes as the Geriatric Depression Scale, the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), and the Zung Depression Scale. All these tests can be accessed online and you can easily print a copy. But to get accurate results, you should answer all the questions honestly, and then follow the scoring instructions. 

Free online depressions tests, such as Wakefield Depression Questionnaire, Goldberg Depression Scale and the Anxiety and Depression Screening Test, allow you to fill in the questionnaire from your laptop or computer. All your answers are scored immediately and results are available within seconds. 

The purpose of these tests is to educate you about depression symptoms, and provide you with an accurate screening guideline and help you assess the severity of your condition so that you can decide whether you should seek further evaluation. But none of these online depression tests are intended to replace qualified help, and have been designed as a simple tool to identify your depression symptoms and choose the best form of treatment. 

Once you become aware of the warning signs, you’ll be in a much better position to take appropriate treatment to overcome your depression.


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